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In the article on upholstery cleaning, we talked about the importance of keeping the interior of our vehicles clean. Good maintenance and cleaning of the interior of our vehicle, in addition to providing beauty and care, will help us to avoid breakdowns.

As we said in the aforementioned article, no one likes to sit if the seats are too worn, with cigarette holes, open seams or exposed frame irons. In the same vein, it is not pleasant to be sitting in a place with lickles, breadcrumbs or dog hair.

Moreover, the interior of a vehicle, by definition, is an enclosed space and can be a source of contagion. Both from the aerosols we breathe and from the surfaces we come into contact with. Thus, from the point of view of our own health and that of those who accompany us in the vehicle, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the interior of our vehicles in a minimum hygienic condition.


When should the interior of a vehicle be cleaned?

Talking to our customers who are dedicated to the interior cleaning of cars and other vehicles, they tell us that one of the most recurring questions from users is: How often should I clean the interior of my vehicle?

In order to answer this question, we must consider three fundamental aspects: what is the use of the vehicle, in which areas does it move, and if you are going to carry work equipment and/or vehicles.

It is not the same to use the vehicle for personal use, for work or even for transporting people. Also, the dirt generated in the city is different from that generated in rural areas, on the beach or in the mountains. Just as it is not the same to carry a wallet with a computer than to carry work tools and, of course, it influences if you carry pets and if they are in a carrier or loose.

Thus, the frequency will depend on the needs of each individual. But generally speaking, 1 or 2 comprehensive cleanings per year would be sufficient. Accompanying it, of course, with regular maintenance: vacuuming and removing debris and dust from dashboard, floor mats and seats.

Now that we have been introduced to the subject, let’s get down to business.



How to clean the interior of a car

For a correct cleaning of car interiors and other vehicles, order is very important. Therefore, the first thing to do is to prepare the material you will need:

Car interior cleaning products:

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Clear the area of elements that may hinder and make the process difficult.

Once we have everything ready, we can start working. For this, as we said above, order is fundamental. You will avoid transferring the dirt from the dirty parts to the parts you have already cleaned. To avoid this, we recommend that you follow this order:

  • Empty the vehicle completely. Check the center console, door wells, seat pockets, floors, under and between the seats, etc. And leave the floor mats outside the vehicle.
  • Dust and vacuum the entire passenger compartment, including the seats.
  • Start with the upper areas and work your way down. Clean the ceiling with a cloth dampened with the recommended mixture of degreaser. Rub carefully to avoid detaching the ceiling and rinse with another cloth dampened with warm water.
  • Dust and wash the mats, making sure they are very dry. Once vacuumed and dust free, spray degreaser, brush and rinse with pressurized water. Leave them outside the vehicle until you are finished.
  • It is time to proceed with the most delicate area, together with the roof, of the interior of our vehicle. The dashboard, the controls, the navigator, the steering wheel, the gearshift. Use a microfiber cloth or brush to apply the degreaser, rinse with microfiber and warm water. Pay special attention to the browser screen. It is usually sufficient to apply a cloth dampened with lukewarm water to clean it. Pay close attention and care while cleaning the controls to avoid any damage.
  • Let’s take care of the air conditioning outlets. If you have a nebulizer or steam machine, you can use them to clean the entire duct. If you do not have one, they are usually cleaned with a brush to remove accumulated dust and any other residue that may have remained inside.
  • Then clean the doors and their frames. You can use a brush or microfiber cloth dampened with the degreaser and rinse with warm water.
  • Now let’s go with the crystals (glass and mirrors), with the help of CRISOL and a cloth you will leave them impeccable. You can see how to apply it by clicking here. The windshield wiper is an essential component for safety, keep it clean and do not put your safety at risk.
  • Hydration. After the interior cleaning of vehicles, in order to avoid damaging the materials, you can apply a regenerating product to the dashboard, steering wheel, moldings, etc. Products such as MULTIBRILL or FADEIN-VINILO, hydrate and regenerate plastics, leather, rubber, wood and metal surfaces, forming a microscopic film, which recovers the natural color of the materials, avoiding light reflections.
  • The only thing left is the floor. This process, depending on the type of cleaning (interior of buses, trucks, cars), will be carried out at the end or immediately after the upholstery. Vacuum and spray with degreaser and brush to remove stains and debris. You can rinse with the wet vacuum and let air dry.
  • Finish by placing the mats and spraying an air freshener on them. Our air fresheners are designed to deodorize and create a pleasant atmosphere.

To conclude, we would like you to remember the following:


  • The interior of the vehicle must be dried before leaving it closed. Moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow and generate pestilence. To speed up the process, you can put a dehumidifier or heater in the car.
  • Be very careful and attentive when cleaning the interior of the vehicle. There are delicate parts that require a lot of caution and may require other types of repairs or maintenance.
  • To maintain a healthier interior, remember to change the air conditioning filters periodically. It will help considerably to purify the air breathed by all those who travel inside a vehicle.
  • Following these steps, anyone can clean your vehicle, but we recommend that the complete cleaning of a vehicle should always be done by a professional.


  • We can finish cleaning the interior of the vehicle by performing a disinfection. Hygiene is very important, so disinfection can be performed when necessary. For this purpose, we will use the product


  • Impregnate a microfiber cloth with the product diluted at 4% and wipe all surfaces. Always do it with the vehicle open and, once applied, close the passenger compartment and do not enter before 10 minutes.

    To keep your vehicle clean, you have two options, do it on your own, buying our products on Amazon, or go to a specialized center, where they will take care of your vehicle with care.

    For all these washing centers we have a wide variety of specific products, you can consult them at

    We hope these recommendations will help you to keep your vehicle clean. If you have any questions or suggestions for our next articles, you can write to us at [email protected], we will be happy to hear from you.

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