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A common summer image is to have the entire front of a car, motorcycle or truck covered with encrusted insects. Windshield, front, bumpers…

All stained, so the question we’re going to answer today is: how can we clean mosquitoes from the bodywork?


With the arrival of spring, good weather and warm weather, the insect population multiplies and the energy created by our vehicles attracts them irremediably. Impacting and leaving its debris on the windshield, bodywork, mirrors, etc. They even make it difficult for us to see.

Visibility is a safety issue, so we need to have clean windshields and headlights, as mosquitoes and their debris can jeopardize this safety. It is therefore very important to check that the windshield washer reservoir is full before a trip.

As an aid to safety, in most gas stations, even if there are no car washes or car wash tunnels, they have the typical brush dipped in soapy water. With it, we can do a little cleaning of the windshield and headlights.

It is a temporary resource that allows us to make our trip with sufficient visibility and, at the end of the trip, the best thing to do is to wash the car properly. Because the important thing is to get there, getting the car clean again is only a matter of time and a few euros.

Once we are ready to clean mosquitoes from the bodywork of our vehicle, there can be as many methods to remove mosquitoes from the bodywork, as imagination has the human being, but here, we are going to offer a professional method that can be applied by anyone in a car wash center.

Before starting, it is important to know that the remains of the chemical decomposition of insects that remain on the windshield, bodywork, headlights and license plate are corrosive and if they are not cleaned as soon as possible, they will leave a mark that will be difficult to remove and may even mark the paintwork, making it necessary to polish or repaint the affected areas.

How to clean mosquitoes from your vehicle?

One of the fastest methods is to go to a car wash center and put the car in a tunnel or gantry car wash with rollers or use the hot pressurized water and soap nozzles, with or without a brush.

In both cases the effectiveness is greater when we proceed just after the path in which we have accumulated the insects. The longer they dry, the more they adhere to the surfaces of the car and the more difficult they are to remove, and the easier it is to damage the paintwork.

The first thing to do in these cases is to lower the temperature of the car, for which we will proceed to wet the bodywork with cold water, which will soften the mosquitoes and prevent the chemical product that we will use in the pre-wash from evaporating.

Once prepared, the most useful procedure is to pre-wash with hot water and a suitable product to eliminate mosquitoes in the most exposed areas (front, windshield and rear-view mirrors), allow time for the product and the water to wet and loosen the remains. Subsequently, we will apply pressurized water to remove as much as possible before continuing with the washing.

We will use efficient and respectful products with the most delicate parts of your vehicle:


For pressure cleaning to be effective, the hot water must come out with sufficient pressure, temperature and consistency. We must make uniform movements over the car to reach all parts and remove the general dirt. We can make a special insistence on the most persistent dirt, but always respecting the minimum distance so as not to damage parts or the paint itself.

If the mosquitoes have been on the vehicle for a long time, it may be more difficult to remove them and leave the so-called “mosquito track”. In case of this situation or if we want to prevent it, we can do a more intense pre-washing, leaving a towel or a cloth soaked with water and the recommended products on the most affected areas. If left to act for a few minutes, the remains will soften sufficiently to come off more easily.

On the other hand, home methods are strongly discouraged, such as rubbing the bodywork with a rag or a brush because we can scratch the paint; give with a scouring pad to the glass because we can leave it marked for life or; the newspaper trick to remove mosquitoes, which was once highly recommended, and we can make a mess by transferring the ink from the paper to the body of the car.

After the pre-wash, we will proceed to clean our vehicle, being able, in case of having them, to use brushes together with the soap of the washing box.

We can use any of these products that, in addition to a deep cleaning, will provide a shiny finish to the bodywork:


Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly and allow the water to drain.

Apart from wash boxes, there are also other more convenient options available such as roller car washes. They involve less effort, although the major drawback is that they may not properly remove the bugs. If you can, it is advisable to go to a car wash center that is attended, where there is personnel to do a pre-wash before introducing the vehicle in the rollers.

You can consult our wide range of products for tunnel and bridge washes on our website at Automotive. apart from any of our products for cleaning car bodywork. In addition to the wash boxes or rollers, there are a large number of manual car washes that have the most qualified personnel to leave our vehicle as good as new.

For all these washing centers we have a wide variety of specific products to clean mosquitoes and other insects from the bodywork and achieve a really extraordinary finish. You can purchase them directly from Amazon or order them by phone: 918 738 702 or by email: [email protected].

We hope that our recommendations will help you to clean mosquitoes and other insects from the bodywork of your car, truck or motorcycle. If you have any questions or suggestions for our next articles, you can write to us at [email protected], we will be happy to hear from you.

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