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This is one of the questions we get asked the most at FADEIN and the answer is simple, but we must know the type of stain or dirt we have on the bodywork to be effective in cleaning and not damage the surface.

The most common stains are bird droppings, pollution, mosquitoes, mud, grease, etc. These stains are cleaned with a good pre-wash using products that hydrate the dirt and remove it from the surface, allowing them to be removed more easily when brushing, sponging or using high pressure water.

We also have more complicated stains such as lime stains, rust, tar, etc. These stains require specific products and different cleaning methods.

For example, in the case of tar, a solvent product should be sprayed on the stain and wait for the product to dissolve it, emulsifying the stain.

For an ideal cleaning, we must keep in mind that we need a good product suitable for the dirt and stains we need to clean on the car body, time to allow the product to act, mechanical action to remove dirt, hot water multiplies the action of the product and favors cleaning.

The cleaning phases to perform the cleaning correctly are as follows:


The main purpose of the pre-wash is to remove dust, sand and other elements that may damage the paintwork when brushing. It should also be noted that we are going to “prepare” the pore of the paint to receive the treatment that we will apply in the washing and waxing.

We must ALWAYS use a DETERGENT at the right concentration.

NEVER rub in the pre-wash.

Spray the product homogeneously, from bottom to top. No rubbing:

  • SUPERLIM-E with a concentration of 1%.
  • FADEIN-KAR with a concentration of 3%.
  • DETERPLUS with a concentration of 2%.
  • DETERSOL with a concentration of 2%.


Once we have removed the heaviest dirt from the body of the car, we will proceed to apply a shampoo (neutral) with a brush or sponge to clean the pore and thus achieve the natural shine of the paint.

Rub with a clean sponge or brush. If the water is too dirty, the foam will not be adequate. Afterwards, clarify:


The pore of the paint is clean and ready to receive the wax, after rinsing it we will proceed to dry it to obtain a perfect finish. It is advisable to apply wax to the vehicle as it acts as protection for the bodywork both in summer (sun) and winter (frost).

Spray and rinse with any of these products:


It is important not to let it dry in the sun to avoid stains. The best option is to use cloths designed exclusively for this purpose, always keeping them damp and clean.

We hope that our recommendations will help you to clean bodywork stains on your car. If you have any questions or suggestions for our next articles, you can write to us at [email protected], we will be happy to hear from you.

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